About Us

Sue White graduated with a degree in Business Administration and went to work for a large paper company in Michigan.  There she worked in the cost accounting department and was the liaison between the IT department and accounting because she understood how technology could help to streamline processes and often times the technical people and the accounting people did not speak the same “language” when it came to what was needed.

Sue and her husband moved to Pennsylvania so her husband could work in the family trucking business.  Sue was hired by a local CPA firm to setup a client accounting software program.  Personal computers were just starting to be used by small businesses and she suggested to the partners of the firm they start a training department to work with businesses and teach them accounting, spreadsheet and word processing applications.  One partner laughed and said “Personal computers are a passing fancy.  They will soon decide it is too much work and leave the accounting to us.”  Seeing the future, Sue left the firm and with the help of a partner started a computer training company.  This company grew to 5 locations and 22 employees with clients such as Caterpillar, Hershey Medical Center, Hershey Foods, M and M Mars, Utz Potato Chips and more.

In 1999 Sue and her partner sold the company to a nationwide computer training company and decided to move to Myrtle Beach to be near her father who retired to the area.  She was hired by a local electric cooperative and implemented a conversion of their billing and customer service software.  When the conversion was complete Sue felt the need to once again be an entrepreneur and left to start the online training company Business Training Team.  BTT offered free weekly webinars and businesses started coming to Business Training Team asking for help with their online marketing.  Today Business Training Team serves companies in Horry and Georgetown counties with their online marketing.

Sue firmly believes that without online marketing a business cannot survive in today’s market.  Print advertising is slowly dying as more people are turning to the internet for their information.  She provides online marketing for local businesses at a reasonable price.

Business Training Team
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579