online marketingI love to go to networking events. Approximately 80% of my business comes from business owners I have met at a networking event or a referral from someone I met at a networking event.

When first meeting someone, I try to turn the conversation to them. I ask them how long they have been in business.  What inspired them to start the business? What are they doing to get the word out about their business other than networking?

Just last night I was at an event and met a gentleman that had an organic pest control business. He was bragging about how he hired a national online marketing agency that only works with pest control and HVAC companies. After three months waiting his website will finally launch – and he has been paying a monthly marketing fee the entire time. He was so proud of his decision that I decided to ask him how much he paid for his website – $4,000. I didn’t dare ask what the monthly fee was, but from experience, I would guess around $1,000 – $1,500 a month. As of now, none of his social media accounts have been created.

Last month Business Training Team added a handyman in Lexington SC to our client base. We built his website in two weeks for $750. The website is completely optimized. (I plan the check the pest control website to see if it is optimized and has the necessary pages.) His social media accounts are created and we are posting content to those accounts. And his fee is considerably less than $1,000.

I don’t understand why a local company, that deals with local customers, would not deal with a local agency and would spend so much money on a national brand? I would love your answers in the comments.

I pride myself with being upfront and honest with the business owners I meet. I look at what the company they have hired has accomplished and I will make suggestions for improvement that they can take back to the agency.

This is called an online audit and covers their Google Business Profile, website, online presence and social media. I provide a report with suggestions that can be implemented by your staff or current online provider. Simply complete this form and we will email a report in a few days.

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a local business than someone in New York or Los Angeles?

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