SEOIt is really necessary to hire an SEO company? This is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to a business development. The answer isn’t a yes all the time. Some companies are ready to hire one while others are not.

Here 10 considerations to help you determine if you should pull the trigger on hiring an SEO agency as part of your online marketing strategy.

When To Hire An SEO Company?

You have internal resources that’s dedicated to SEO.

It’s been a very long time since anybody can just go out and hire an SEO agency that can do their thing and get the results they need without giving any effort internally. For SEO to work, you need to spend internal resources and time.

You can analytics data you can trust.

Any good digital small business marketing agency or SEO would want to deal with any data integrity problems before setting objectives or moving ahead with a project. If you don’t know how much you have in your bucket and what are the holes that should be plugged, then you won’t know what’s achievable or not.

You have development resources and budget for SEO agency.

Many SEO firms don’t want access to your website, make alterations, or publish. There are many liability and you know your site’s functionality better. Any SEO agency that’s worth their weight will review your website to make sure that there’s a robust technical SEO foundation.

This is generally where most extra costs could take place as recommendations my change URL structure or the website hierarchy and wind up developing or updating resources or content on the website.

You have enough budget.

A medium or large sized company has a significant budget that could cover a dedicated SEO team, technical SEO, project plan and strategy, content strategy, and set goals.

If you don’t have a large budget to hire a legitimate SEO company, looking for a reliable individual consultant can help. You will find a lot of solid SEO specialist out there who can help you out.

Find a company that can fit your culture.

You should find an SEO company that fits your company culture. You should also find out if the company can communicate with you as often as you require. It may be daily, weekly, or monthly. You should find out if they’re willing to be an extension of your in house team and ask what their preferred form of communication is, and determine if it is suitable for your needs.

Find a company that won’t lock you into a 12-month agreement.

Everyone wants to get fair treatment. If you are not getting the results that you expect within six months, you should stop and find another one. You should not be forced to pay for something that doesn’t work. So if the company wants to lock you into a 12-month contract, then you should think twice before signing a contract.

Find a company that won’t prioritize revenue as the main goal.

Any agency that tells you they can get you ranked for XYZ then that should be a red flag right away. A good SEO company should ask you about your annual goals, what you’ve done before to get them, and how they can drive significant revenue for your business.

You’re investing in other types of marketing channels.

SEO in a vacuum won’t work. It works well with PR, PPC, social, email, as well as brand advocates. SEO could offer a technically sound website as well as a well-optimized content. However, if there are no other channels that help direct traffic and authority to the website then it will take a lot of time before your SEO strategies pay off. The best content will require different methods to be shared and obtain authority so that it could drive organic traffic.

You’re looking for long-term success.

Unless there is something that can be easily fixed on your website, the major part of SEO will involve building long term value and success. If you require immediate traffic, the most realistic way to achieve success and obtain those quick wins would be a paid search.

You’re invested in getting to know your audience well.

Any good SEO firm won’t talk about just any type of keywords and throw content to determine what sticks. They would want to connect with you, who’s the expert on the business you’re running. They will connect the life cycle of your customer, life stages that cause trigger actions, how your clients use your product or service, how people look for it, and understanding if you’re reaching your audience.

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