SEO marketingIf your customers are unable to find your website, it is no good spending time and money on a beautiful site. How can you make sure your website stands out among the sea of information on the Internet? Through SEO marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is how customers can find your site through searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can drive more traffic to the site by optimizing keywords and building it in a way that is easy to understand.

These are some tips to help increase your rank in online searches.

SEO Marketing Tips

The right keywords

Consider the keywords your customers are most likely to use to search for your products and services online. For example, if you sell appliances, is it more likely that your clients will use a formal term like refrigerator, or a slang term like fridge?

Create a list of 20-50 keywords and then use Google AdWords. If you have not already created an account, you will be able to verify that the keywords you selected are often used in online searches.

To find more keywords for your list, you can also use the Keyword Tool Google AdWords product.

To help your pages rank higher in search results for those keywords, you should use your keywords.

Begin by including keywords in your URL–the address that appears in an Internet browser for each page of your website.

Your unique offerings are what you should be focusing on

In online marketing, keep in mind that you are competing with other companies to get attention from potential customers online. Look for keywords that match your market differentiations, such as unique offerings or geographical location. This will help you rise above the rest in search results for your industry.

Keywords you purchase as part of a Pay-per-Click campaign are also highly competitive. This is where your company’s ad appears alongside or above the free search results. Each time your link gets clicked, you pay the search engine company. If you don’t have the budget, you’ll need to concentrate on niche keywords.

Avoid over-saturating your website with keywords

Google’s webmaster guidelines state that pages should be created for users and not search engines.

You don’t need to sprinkle keywords all over your content. This could cause confusion and even irritation.

It should be clear and simple to read the text.

Link to your site

Your site will rank higher in searches if there are more sites linking to it. Ask owners of similar sites to link to your site. In exchange for a link from your site, you can offer to link to another related site.

Pay attention to the quality of links. A single link to your website that comes from a chamber or university website is better than a dozen links coming from unreliable blogs.

online marketingPublishing high-quality content

Search engines are designed to help people find the answers to their questions. Your best search optimization strategy for getting lots of traffic is creating compelling content, including videos and photos. This will allow you to provide quality information to your visitors. Keep your content current by updating it often.

You will be a thought leader in your field if you have a solid content and small business marketing strategy.

Get social

Because people use social media platforms as search engines, social media is an excellent ally in your SEO strategy. People will often use Facebook’s search function to find companies and products. When people search for you or related terms, your social media profile will rank high in search results.

Your website should be user-friendly

A clean and easy-to-navigate site is essential. Visitors should be able to see who you are and what your offerings are.

To improve readability, use a lot more headings and include your keywords in them. Headings make you stand out in search engines and help you rank higher.

SEO is all about site speed. You don’t want to annoy your visitors by having a slow site.

You should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Websites that are difficult to view on smartphones are now being penalized by search engines.

Measuring results

Moz,,, and Google Analytics are free and inexpensive tools that will give you more information about the SEO performance of your website and provide more details about your visitors, such as how they found it (search engine, referring site, etc.).

This blog post provides more information about analyzing your data in order to optimize your SEO performance.

Be patient

You can monitor your results starting from day one but don’t expect quick results. It usually takes several months for search engine rankings to rise significantly.

SEO is always changing. SEO is constantly changing. What works today may not work three years from now. You must keep working on it and be aware of the latest changes in rankings.

Set a high goal

Your users will not make it past the first page search results. Good position is when you appear on the first two pages. Your page will not be seen by anyone beyond page 3. Be ambitious!

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