SEO marketingEven if you’ve already heard that search engine organization (SEO) is a necessary and useful digital marketing tool, you may still have questions about what it involves. This simple guide will break down what search engine optimization is, why it is important, how to execute the best SEO marketing practices so that your company’s brand becomes more discoverable.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a practice to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website using organize search engine results. A higher ranking once somebody searches a term in the industry that your business belongs to will increase the visibility of your brand online. This, in return, will provide you more opportunities to convert prospects to clients. If you do your small business marketing correctly, SEO could help your brand positively so your brand will stand above the rest as a company that’s trustworthy and boost the user’s experience with your website and brand.

Why is SEO Marketing Important?

Visibility and Rankings

When looking for a product or service online, users tend to choose among those that are on the top five recommendations that the SEO shows them. Online marketing and search engine optimization will help your company rank higher in search results and get more online visibility, making possible clients more likely to click over to your website and convert.

Web Traffic

Simply put, if potential clients cannot find your website, you’re missing sales opportunities. Search engine optimization will boost your organic search engine traffic, in turn boosting the number of visitors your webpage sees daily. This will directly correlate to a boost in sales, since the more relevant consumers that see your website, the more likely you’re to be able to sell to them.


If you have a better SEO score then you will have a higher position on search engine results like Bing or Google. Although ranking higher on search engines like Google looks appealing to all brands out there because of improved visibility, another benefit is the trust that you will gain with possible clients. Users tend to refer to the recommendations provided by search engines, so if you have a higher position for the keyword that a potential customer is searching for will, in return, solidify your service or product as trustworthy in the mind of the users.

User Experience

A website that’s been well optimized will clearly communicate what service or product is being offered, how to get it, and answer all questions related to it. By making sure the site build will improve user experience, search engines such as Bing and Google can easily pull the information that they have to relay to customers. If a client will struggle to navigate your website, then search engines will find it difficult, too.


Keep in mind that search optimization is important in the growth of your brand. If you have a higher rank in search engine results for different high-volume keywords, your website will have more organic web traffic.

If your website is well optimized, it’s more likely to gain more clients and close more sales. People will also share your brand across different social platforms like Instagram or Facebook once they have found your site through a search engine.


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