website trafficThe most important and challenging aspect of having a website is to drive eligible traffic to it. However, not all small businesses have the budget to run major paid marketing campaigns. Some only have limited capital. Whether you have a limited budget or not, you want to see a good ROI from your website, which is a significant investment.

You need to have consistent website visitors or eyeballs if you want to see any return on investment from your website. The site’s true value lies in its capability to engage clients and assist businesses in facilitating conversions. Your website must either convince potential clients to initiate contact or to process transactions. You can only do this with website traffic. Fortunately, there are many effective ways for you to drive traffic to your website.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

  1. Publish Content

Whether offline or online, content is important because it encourages all kinds of effective marketing. You need to include high-quality content on your website if you want to boost traffic from referrals/web sources such as social media, search engines, etc. There are three forms of content. These are audio, visuals (video and image), and text. Use them according to your needs.

Here’s a list of high performing content:

  • Blog content/articles
  • Ebooks
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Video
  1. Choose Channels and Get Social

You can leverage social media to grow your business. You can attract relevant website traffic from social media channels by sharing engaging and interesting content from your site. Don’t forget to focus on your goal, which is traffic growth. Some businesses depend on social networks to grow their company, to the point that they’re no longer operating and growing their website effectively. There are a few that don’t have a website at all. You can be active in social media but don’t forget that your main goal is to use it to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Add Your Company To Business Directories

Many consumers search for companies in business directories such as Bing Places and Google My Business. You should create and optimize your business listing on these online directories so that you can increase traffic to your website. Bing Places and GMB are the ones you need to focus on because they can increase incoming traffic.

  1. Create A Link Building Campaign

You can earn links that point to your website from other sites through link building. These links are called backlinks and the best way to earn them is to tie associate real business activities to link building. Some of the link building strategies are:

  • Ask others to mention your website on theirs.
  • Promote your content to audiences that will probably link to it.
  • Build connections with other brands.
  • Offer testimonials to brands of products you’ve used before.
  • List your company in business directories.
  • Build useful products for target clients.
  1. Promote Your Company’s Website Offline

You will also find great opportunities when you promote your company offline. Hand out business cards with your website printed on them. You can also add your website address to items that potential clients see like work uniforms.

  1. Make Your Website User-Friendly

You should also make your website mobile-friendly. Your website must have a responsive design so that the pages will be automatically adjusted to fit the size of the screen of the device that’s being used by your clients.

  1. Make the Most Out Of Social Video Sites

Leverage social media sites such as Vimeo and YouTube to host marketing content that could drive traffic to your website.

  1. Email Marketing

The visitors of your website can be classified into two groups – the first-time visits and return visits. To increase both first-time and return visits to your website through email marketing, you can retouch consumers, share emails online, or offer your clients a way to spread email content.


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