online marketingOnline marketing is crucial because it aligns with how consumers make buying decisions. Gartner and other analysts have found that consumers are using social media and mobile internet to conduct preliminary price and product research before making final purchasing decisions. Internet marketing allows you to establish relationships with prospects and customers through low-cost, personalized communication. This is a clear indication of the shift away from mass marketing.

Online Marketing Tips


Internet marketing allows you to operate your business 24/7 without having to worry about staff overtime or store hours. Customers can also shop online for your products. Customers can shop online at their convenience and place orders whenever it suits them.

The Internet’s reach

You can overcome distance barriers by marketing online. It is possible to sell products in any country, without having to set up local outlets. This allows you to expand your market. It is possible to build an export business without having to open a network with distributors in other countries.

If you plan to sell internationally, localization services will be necessary to ensure your products are appropriate for local markets and conform to local business regulations. Translation and product modification are two of the localization services.

Cost of Online Marketing

It costs less to market products online than through physical retail outlets. There are no recurring expenses associated with property rental and maintenance. Stock is not required to be displayed in a shop. Stock can be ordered according to demand. This will keep inventory costs low.

Personalization of Offers

Internet marketing and SEO marketing allow you to tailor offers to customers by creating a profile about their buying history and preferences. You can target your offers by tracking prospects’ visits to specific web pages and product information. You can plan cross-selling campaigns by using the data from website visits.

Relationships with customers

The Internet is a great platform to build relationships with customers and increase customer retention. After a customer purchases a product online, you can start the relationship by sending a thank-you email. This should be part of your small business marketing strategy. Regular emails to customers with personalized offers and special deals can help maintain the relationship. Customers can also be invited to leave product reviews on your site, which will help to create a sense of community.

Social Media is Increasingly Important

Internet marketing allows you to capitalize on the increasing importance of social media. A Harvard Business School Executive Education article highlighted the connection between social networking, online revenue growth, and a website that focuses on this topic. According to the article, sales increased by around 5 percent for those who responded strongly to social networking’s influence. This type of influence can be harnessed by including social networking tools and search optimization into your Internet marketing campaigns.

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